What Vitamins Shall I Take? A review of VITL

by Sophie Ross

Are Vitamins Essential?

You hear about vitamins on a daily basis.

They are on tv and radio, there’s adverts on the tube and there’s a whole section dedicated to them in most shops. The market is so saturated with all these vitamins and essentials for your body that most people do

What if I could tell you about a way to have your own personalised vitamins delivered to your door? Without the hassle of reading the back of the packs and going to several different places to get the exact ones you need. What if you could take 4 vitamins instead of 10? That came in handy snap packs so you could take them on the go without lugging multiple packs about.

Welcome to VITL. The modern man and woman’s vitamin and health support gurus. You may have seen my previous post about VITL but they have seriously upped their vitamin game even more since then. Like before, you can still pick the classic or vegan pack which contains a Multi-Vit, Krill/Vegan Omega 3, Supergreens and Magnesium Calcium Complex but now there’s an even more personal option.

By downloading their app you can take an online health test and consultation which takes about 5 minutes. Your answers to the questions generate a health report which then recommends the 4 perfect vitamins for you.

These packs, which start at £19.95 a month, will then be delivered straight to your door. They even fit through the letterbox!

Since taking my personalised plan, I’ve been using them for about 5 days now, I have been waking up much easier in the mornings. I take my vitamins at night to allow them to work whilst I sleep but you can take them whenever it fits in conveniently with your life. I’m still waiting to see an improvement in my skin but these results always take a little longer to show.

I really love the convenience of the product and also how easy they are to take. I manage to get all 4 down in one haha.

My results from the test really showed where I could use some support. They take into account things like stress, diet and exercise levels to get the most accurate result as possible.

If you would like to take an online test to see your results please do so by clicking here. Alternatively download the VITL app in your App Store by clicking here.

To purchase your own plan click here and get £10 off your first purchase with code


Let’s #LiveLifeBetter

Thank you

Love Sophie


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