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by Sophie Ross

Hey everyone

So I would like to share some personal results with you all since starting a new protein and health kick.

As you may know I do enjoy going to the gym and working out but I am more into gaining muscle than losing weight.

I do struggle around my hip and thigh area as I feel this area for me is hardest to tone up. All the ladies in my family are pear-shaped so I’ve definitely inherited some of that haha.

I teamed up with Superdrug to test out their own protein blend called ‘Some Body Pure Whey Protein Powder‘ in the chocolate flavour (of course). Two scoops of this provided 20g of protein which is sometimes enough for a girl who’s simply looking to tone. The pot is such a great size and it has lasted me at least a month so far and I still have a few portions left.

The chocolate taste is sweet but not sickly! I’ve been creating some really delicious recipes with it as well as using it for shakes. It’s been a great addition to my protein pancakes and a friend of mine also gave me a great idea to make a shake and pour it over weetabix. It’s like having chocolate milk and has honestly been one of my favourite things to eat lately. It keeps you full for ages 😊.

I always mix my protein with water as I’m not a massive fan of milky drinks. I don’t drink cows milk but even with almond and soy I find it a little sickly. It did take some getting used to at first as obviously milk is a lot thicker than water but I definitely much prefer it and it’s of course a lot healthier. During the course of protein I’ve also stuck to a healthy diet. I’ve mainly ate chicken, salmon and tuna with either vegetables and rice or salad and quinoa. I’ve been trying to mix and match each one so I don’t get too bored. I am however a Snack a holic (especially when I’m at work) which can sometimes be the make or break of a good diet.

Instead of going for the biscuits I have been having these Superdrug bars in chocolate flavours to get my sweet treat fix in the afternoons with my coffee 🤗. They also contain protein, so for me this is more than a treat. Of course you should definitely have everything in moderation but I really recommend trying these out instead of going for a sugary cereal bar which holds no nutritional value at all! These bars are guilt free and taste so good so won’t feel the need to open up the big bar of dairy milk starting at you from the fridge (I’ve actually still got an Easter egg that I’ve looked at every day and refused to eat – we’ve got this willpower!)

However a diet alone cannot just give you the results you want. I have been going to the gym 4/5 times per week in either the mornings or evenings for approx 1 hour. I’m not really into cardio as much as some people but on two of those days I will try to do 20-30 minutes on the treadmill. For warm ups I usually run for ten minutes, do sprints or use the stair master. I’m not a huge fan of the cross trainer I feel like I don’t know what to do with my arms haha.

My workouts are pretty straight forward. I do a lot of leg work as that’s where I want to tone most but I do not forget about my arms and back. I actually really enjoy training arms as I feel like you can see results a lot quicker than most places on your body, they start to shape up and define and lot quicker than my lower body which is good motivation to keep going. I try to do abs at every session too and hold weights when I do sit ups to make them pop!

As you can see from the photos I have definitely toned up a lot. I’m not really a before and after person and I was very unhappy with my shape just a few months ago so for me this has been a huge improvement. I have also gone up a dress size. Which I am glad about. Last year I went through a phase of being too slim but now I’ve found my happy size and want to stick with it. The numbers on your clothes actually do not mean a thing! A size 10 girl can be too skinny it’s all about your frame and body shape and whatever makes you feel the happiest 🙂

I hope this post can inspire you to get the body you want – I know I’m not the most toned in the world but it’s a start and a I’m excited to begin the journey !

Thank you Superdrug for this fun collaboration! You can but all the products I have been using below!




Thank You

Love Sophie


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