Ibiza Gran Hotel – Open Spa

by Sophie Ross

 S P A . D A Y

After a friends recommendation me and the boys decided to check out Ibiza Gran Hotel’s Spa on Saturday! The 5 star hotel in Talamanca is of utmost luxury and this was well needed after a night out the previous evening- we was all in need of a little refresh.

Upon arriving we each paid the €60 fee to use the spa facilities all day (or so we thought, turns out your only meant to go for 90 minutes and we got kicked out after 4 hours whoops). Least we got our moneys worth haha. We were given robes slippers and soft towels and headed into the spa.

It is beautifully set out in a minimalistic type of way and has a line of soft bean bag shaped beds to relax on.

There is a large pool with two risen shoulder massage jets and several other smaller pools with underwater beds, jets and seats. All the massage jets were different pressures and temperatures to make each one a unique experience. There is also an icy and refreshing plunge pool.

Around the corner there is a strip of different shower cubicles which include a mist shower, a bio-thermal shower and a tropical shower. Each one provides a unique experience – even the ice one!

There is a Finnish sauna, Steam room, ice room and a salt inhalation room which were both spacious, relaxing and clean. I was starting to feel very relaxed by now and headed to the soft bean bag to have a lay down. I actually nearly drifted off to sleep as it was so comfortable and the music playing was soothing and peaceful. I decided to take a dip into the jacuzzi baths and then straight into the ice plunge to wake myself up. If you haven’t been into a plunge pool before it gives you a weird tingly sensation over your body LOL, it sounds weird but it’s actually really nice.

There was complimentary lemon water by a bunch of fresh towels which I recommend taking into the sauna so you don’t shrivel up.

Around the corner is another little room with heated beds and neck rests. Theres also complimentary herbal teas, fruit and nuts to ward off that starvation feeling you get after being in the water.

After our time was up we headed down into the changing rooms to shower. The shower products were all Elemis which was another nice touch.

This experience was definitely worth the money and it will not be my first and last time to this place. There is also options to have treatments done but these came at an added extra cost. I recommend going later in the year when it’s not as busy as some people couldn’t get beds when they first walked in as they were all taken. I feel rejuvenated and ready to carry on for closings!

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Thank You

Love Sophie



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