Halloween Weekender

by Sophie Ross

Pop Art & Robbing Banks

That was my theme for the spookiest weekend of the year. Now i’m always one to go all out and don’t really follow the ‘essex girl’ tradition of dressing like a whore (sorry). Instead I like to actually look scary, or at least a little bit weird. I came up with two idea, one for Friday and one for Saturday.
. . .

Fridays idea was literally thought up in 10 minutes! I had to have a rummage through my wardrobe and make up bag to see what I could come up with! I came across my BeetleJuice suspender leggings by Black Milk and a stripy black and white wrap crop top which had been given to me by a friend.This instantly screamed burgalar! I then borrowed a black balaclava from my brother and drew some dollar symbols on my chest with eyeliner. Keeping my makeup simple with dark eyes and red lips.  

This still however didn’t look like I had made much effort! I had a pack of tissues that had the deseign of a £20 note on them so i pinned them all to my clothes, covered my black Chanel bag with a bin bag and stuck some on their too! This was the finished (scary) look!

. . .

Saturdays idea was taken from Roy Lichtenstein’s ‘Pop Art’ style of artwork which is a really easy way to turn yourself into a cartoon for the evening! I chose the ‘Crying Girl’ design and followed a simple youtube tutorial to achieve my look. I used red lipstick, face paints and normal eye products such as shadow and mascara. 
For the speech bubble I cut out the bubble shape on cardboard, covered it with white paper, wrote my deisgn then attached it to a headband. I dressed really simple in a white Topshop blouse and a white patent Missguided skirt to make my face stand out.
. . .
So thats it for costumes this year! I’m looking forward to thinking of some new crazy ideas for Halloween 2015 already!
Thank you
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