Dressing Like Dannika

by Sophie Ross


That’s the first thing that springs to mind when you come across Dannika on instagram. Her bold pastel, mermaid locks stand out and gives her a unusual, fun style. 
Her style is something that really defines her personality and you can tell from the numerous colourful outfits that she really bases her style around her hair. She uses the right shades of colour, make up and accessories to give every outfit she wears her own personal touch. 
As you can tell Dannika has experimented with many different bright shades and I love how the yellow stripey shorts and the canary yellow turtle-neck brings out the green and blue dip dye. The bright eye make up contrasts well too and the tribal style bindi/paint was really on trend this summer. She accessories well! Hats and shirts show her boyish style whilst she reflects her pink/purple hair with a girlie blouse and Chanel necklace.
. . .
Blue and green is always seen! I love how she rebels against one of the colour rules and you can tell it definitely works! From the printed two piece to the matte blue lipstick it doesn’t matter how subtle the clash it is, it looks amazing! My favourite hair colour she has had has to be the green and blue dip dye! I love how she wears a simple designed top and then makes her outfit pop with a slick of yellow shadow accross her eyes. Less is certainly more in this case!
. . .

I caught up with Dannika for a chat for all things fashion and asked her a few questions!

Here is what she had to say about her style!        

1. What would you say your main fashion inspiration is and where does it come from? (i.e people, social media, catwalk)

I’m inspired by everything, each day I wake up I’m inspired by what I’m going to see and experience. I love people and things that make a difference whether it be just to themselves. I like to take inspiration from that… whatever makes a person authentic and individual. 

 2. What has been your favourite trend this year and why?

Monochrome… I think mainly because I already have colour (my hair) so monochrome is easy and effective. You can smart it up or dress it down.

 3. What items can you not live without?

-A good pair of black chunky shoes that you can wear with a skirt as well as jeans and smart trousers. 
-A backless leotard
-My satchel

 4. What items do you own that you consider timeless?

-My satchel
-My Chanel necklaces 
-a LBD

 5. If you could add any item in the world to your own personal collection what would you choose?

Oh! Right now I really need (yes need) this mermaid harness from Devilish!

 6. Finally do you have any fashion related advice to share with our readers?

If you see it and you know you must have it, then get it… there’s nothing worse than missing something you never had and in todays fast fashion world; you just can’t risk to miss out. It doesn’t matter if it’s 99p or a well known high fashion brand, make it your own and make it what you want to make it. It’s all about how you style something to make it mean something to you.
. . .
To get more style tips or to just admire, follow the rest of Dannika’s fashion story on her instagram! @dannikaddj

Thank you!
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