Brows by Mooky

by Sophie Ross

Imagine washing your face and your brows staying put? If this excites you and you haven’t had your brows done before then I suggest you read on…

A few weeks ago a paid a visit to Mooky At Enhance Me Aesthetics in Colchester to have the Express brow treatment.

I am not a newbie to having this treatment. I’ve had both microblading and digital/tattoo brows before. Personally I find the tattoo gun a lot less painful than the microblading blade and I also prefer the results too! The treatment is basically a semi permanent tattoo but using a very fine needle to create hair like strokes on the eyebrow. This creates the effect of fuller brows but in a natural looking way.

What to expect at your appointment
Upon arrival you will be asked to sign a form and tick whether you have any allergies etc. Your eyebrow area will also be cleaned and wiped with an antibacterial wipe to remove any traces of dirt oil and makeup. (Remove any heavy eyebrow makeup before your treatment to save time). Your brow artist will then use the tattoo gun (the needle is really thin and small guys!) to scratch over the brows. A numbing cream will them be applied to the area which sinks into the little scratches and allows the skin to create a pain barrier and numb. The artist will then carefully tattoo small hairstrokes to fill out your brow!

Does it hurt?
This is honestly really dependant on your pain threshold. For example I really like the pain of threading lol but some people really wince at the pain. I don’t find this treatment too painful but I do suggest not turning down the numbing cream as it does take the edge off.

How long does it take?
It depends how many hair strokes and how thick you want them. Mine took approx 1 hour. You will also be required to go back after a few weeks for a 15 minute top up and to make any minor tweaks.

How long do the results last?
The brows will last around 1 year before you will need to go for a top up. They fade softly!

How do I book?
Click here to be taken to the website where you can find prices, information on treatments and other FAQs. Click here to visit their Instagram!

Aftercare information is also provided but the basics are:

  • Keep the area clean, wipe daily with a makeup pad soaked in WATER ONLY
  • Do NOT use sunbeds for 6 weeks. This can cause the tattoo to fade really quickly
  • Keep your brows moisturised – you will be given something cream to apply twice a day
  • Do not pick, rub or itch! It will be hard to resist but you risk infection and also some of the colour falling off if you pick the scabs. Let it heal naturally
  • Do not submerge in water for a week. So no swimming or baths etc. When you shower and wash your cover brows in a thick layer of vaseline to keep the water out

Hope this gave you all a little bit of extra information on this life changing treatment which can really help to frame your face.

Love Sophie


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