All that glitters is 1980’s Gold!

by Sophie Ross

Three words that when added together make the most desirable material EVER! 
I was lucky enough to stumble across this beautiful 1980’s style halter-neck top whilst on the white Isle this summer. The one-size fit means anyone can wear it and you can have it as tight/baggy as you like due to the leather ties it does up with (the looser the tie the more low cut). It came in several colours but obviously I chose gold. 
Oh and it was only 12 euros! Equivalent to about £9!
. . .

. . . 
I have been lucky enough to inherit this gorgeous collection of 1980’s gold metal mesh bags and purses from my Grandma! Pure vintage gold, (literally). I am obsessed with the way this material feels against your skin. Its a collection of items I will definitely keep!
 . . .
The photo below shows the first time I rocked the look. (Yes something i’ve actually worn twice!!). I borrowed my friends gold vintage cat eye-style glasses which were from a stall in Brick Lane, my white Chanel earrings are from Rokit, my white patent skirt is from Missguided and my shoes again a friends. Which completed my own modern take on a classic 1980’s look.
. . .
Thank you
Love Sophie
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