The Historical Hampi

by Sophie Ross


Hey everyone and welcome to my second installation of my India blog. This time I’m in Hampi.

We’ve done a lot since we last spoke and had a few moments of madness and craziness, which I’ll get onto later.

Firstly I just want to say that Hampi has been my favourite place so far! It has definitely been the place that’s given me a bit of everything. Totally different to Kerala.

We travelled via sleeper bus to Hampi which took around 8 hours from Goa. We booked accommodation in advance in a close town as many places were full due to it being an Indian public holiday for 4 day. Upon arrival to the hotel we realised it was pretty out of the way of where we wanted to be. This was in Hospet. So we decided to sack it off. We found a tuktuk driver who knew a place so we headed into town and hoped for the best!

The room upon arrival wasn’t too bad and the restaurant was good so we were happy to stay. We hired the tuk tuk driver for the whole day which you can do really cheaply in India and made a plan with him to take us to see all the ruins. I don’t want to spoil it too much with pictures and explaining as it really is amazing to see with your own eyes if you’re  planning to go.

Jurassic Park

It’s like going back in time! We all said it reminded us of Jurassic Park due to there being lots of greenery, a long river and big grey and black boulders. The ruins were on the side of the river that we were staying on and consisted of temples, underground tanks and monuments that were scattered across the town. We visited a museum and explored pretty much every historical site there was.

We stopped halfway to grab some lunch. Our driver Raul took us to a lovely cafe in the middle of a mini palm tree plantation that served delicious thali plates at great value. Later that day, as sunset approached we headed up to the sunset point. May I add this isn’t for the faint of heart. It starts off as steps, which then turn into rocks which then turn into giant rocks with some steps carved in. I managed  to climb 95% of the way up but the last bit was a little too much so I sat on the rocks there. The sunset was so beautiful! It glowed a highlighter orange across the horizon and we could see the entire town.


The next day, after a well needed rest me and Ryan got up early doors to head down to the river. Each morning and afternoon the temple elephant walks down for a bath. It is truly one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. You aren’t allowed to touch her but we could take photos of her playing around in the water.

 After this and some breakfast, we headed to the waterfalls, this again consisted of a tuk-tuk drive to the palm plantations. A tip for you’re arrival here is that if you are offered a guide then take it. At first, we were very sceptical but the route is tricky and we would have never made it there without him.  We also payed him via a tip so there is not set price.

After this we were then led through banana plantations, a muddy river side, then a sandy patch, some rocks and finally reach the waterfalls. You really do walk through many different terrains and it does require some climbing and jumping so wear trainers.

The waterfalls, one of which you can get in, are small yet beautiful and there is a big open freshwater pool for swimming. We chilled here for a little while before heading back as we wanted to visit the other side of the river too.

You get to the other side by a boat which takes 2 minutes for 20rps. These only run until 5.30pm however and there are only tuk-tuk available after this. They do however take an hour as they have to go a long way round.

On the other side there are many guest houses, another lake, shopping stalls, restaurants and a big paddy field. Personally we preferred staying the other side as we felt it had more culture and heritage.  If you’d like to be in a more hippy, lively place then definitely head to the other side.

If we could change one thing about our visit to Hampi it would be the dates we picked. Public holidays meant everywhere was super busy so we stayed  for one night and crammed it all in. This did work for us but sometimes it’s nice to not have to rush and have more choice for accommodation. Before you make travel plans try to check when the holidays are and book accommodation in advance. If you have a rough idea where you will be on those dates it’s definitely worth doing as early as possible for more options 🙂

Hampi – You have been a dream!

Thank you

Love Sophie



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